Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June wrap-up

Checking in to see how I did on my goals for June.

1. Drink only water: this was a sort of pass. I drank pretty much water and slipped up on about 5 occasions. 2 were deliberate (close to the end of the month I really wanted lemonade bc it was SO hot), 2 were unconcious and one was were I felt forced to take a shot (of alcohol).

2. Go to the gym 15 times : FAIL. I went 10 times. I slacked in the beginning but started going regularly during the last week and a half but it was not enough.

I lost 3.8lbs this month.

For July, I want to try the same excercise goal: go to the gym (or dance studio) 15 times in the month.

Foodwise, I'm thinking i want to see what some version of the atkins would be like. Low carb I guess? Anyone had experience with that? I'm afraid I'll lose a lot then gain the month after! But if I'm counting calories, should it matter?

That's all for now. I hope I lose around 10lbs this month.

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