Friday, June 4, 2010

My favorite blogs

I used to read a lot of personal finance blogs and they were really helpful so I thought I would see what they could do for me in the realm of weight loss.

Well, you're reading this so this is one of the things I've been encouraged to do. Be Accountable. It's very motivating when you have to report back to a bunch of readers (I experienced this with PF too).

Anyway, I started off reading about Tyler over at 344lbs. It's amazing what he has done. He started off eating what he liked too, just in moderation. I think he's such an inspiration and his blog feels very interactive.

One of his posts led me to check out Jen over at priorfatgirl. She's awesome! She's no longer in the losing weight phase as she has lost almost 100lbs and looks great! I love her blog because it has loads of useful and interesting recipes and it's very honest. Right now I'm just waiting on her bf to propose - teehee.

I also read Mary's blog but this one is a bit different. She's very open and honest (lots of picture updates and videos) but for me she shows some of the thinking patterns I want to avoid. I think her blog embodies what theantijared was talking about in this post. The two things that stuck out in his post were;

Great weight loss bloggers are very supportive:

"I know you gained six pounds, but that is probably water weight! There is NO WAY you can gain that much weight by eating a few slices of cake!"

I am supportive, but to a point. I love to help people, but it is hard to give advice to those who want to make excuses for their weight loss or failures.


Weight loss bloggers think about the future, and do not think about the present:

"Well, I ate a lot today, but tomorrow is a new day."

I know that if I can not do it today, then I will not do it tomorrow.

I don't have that many readers yet but I implore you. Don't leave "encouraging" comments when I don't do what I should. I don't want to foster an environment that keeps saying that it's ok to fail (even though I know that it is (once in a while)). I started this blog so i could be accountable and that does not include making excuses. To use biggest loser terms, I prefer a more "Jillian" approach than Bob. I WANT to be told when I'm messing up and when I'm making excuses. Even though most of the time I know that's what is happening, for some reason it's different (and for me motivational) when other people say it too.

Just to be clear, this is not an attack on her blog. I love her positivity and and willingness to share. She has also lost approximately 40lbs! I just think that it's good practice to learn from other people's mistakes when you can.

If you have any other favorite weightloss blogs, let me know.

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