Monday, June 21, 2010

It works! It works!

I think I might marry my iphone.

So, like you all know, I've been trying out this new app called Loseit! (I'm not an affiliate or anything) and it's been helping me track my calories (food AND exercise). I had set a calorie goal of about 1500 a day and every single day of last week except for 1, my net calories were over that goal by about 1000 calories!

So why did I lose 4lbs! this morning? I must have been eating a whole lot before I started tracking. Now this has pumped me up and I'm extra motivated because I kept thinking of what I would have lost if I had stayed within the range and exercised everyday!

Speaking of exercise, I'm now at 5/15. With only 9 days of the month left, it seems like I will be failing this goal and have to roll it over to next month.

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