Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weight Vs Size

Official weigh-in day is not till tomorrow. However, I was excited (because I've been so "good" with my calories this week) that i stepped on it a day earlier.

Up .2lbs.

I tried not to be too bummed about it but I was. I mean, I went over my calories last week and dropped 4 lbs. I only went to the gym twice. This week, I've been under calories almost every day and significantly upped my exercise. I was expecting at least a 2lb loss.

This got me thinking. Why do we place so much emphasis on your actual weight? This week I noticed my jeans felt looser. At the end of the day, I care more about what my body looks like than what I weigh so I'm going to focus on that.  My goal is to lose 100lbs in a year. However, I want to be about a size 4/6. If that happens at 80lbs lost, then that's were I'm stopping. I'm not letting a number that is influenced by so many little things dictate how I feel.

Whatever the scale says tomorrow, I'm ready. I know my body is in better shape than 2 weeks ago and eventually the weight will follow.

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