Monday, November 8, 2010

25lbs gone in pictures

This morning I weighed 202.8 (2 pounds up) but I know it's just fluctuation (maybe last week was low) since I didn't do anything drastic with food so I'm sticking with 25lbs gone! Here are the pictures. Posting it next to my start pictures since that really shows me there is progress.

I can see a difference :). For some reason my back view is not really improving but oh well, at least the lumpiness on the back of my thighs is going away. I think I'll be more satisfied when the rolls on my side go away and all I have to focus on is getting smaller.

I joined Mary from a merry life in making some goals for the end of the year. Mine are

1. Be high 180's to low 190s by 2011. Once I get to 185 I'll be excited because that was my set weight for most of my adult life so anything under that feels "skinny" to me.

2. I want to fit into all my size 12 clothes by January 2011. Right now, I'm a 14.

3. I want to be able to hold a plank for one minute.

To all those on this journey, keep going. I'm not losing super fast but I think it's best because I am making lasting changes and I don't think once i get out of this mode, I'll be piling it back on (knock on wood).

I'm 25 and knowing that i still have pregnancy (cies?) ahead of me, I want to be as fit and slim as I can be now so that my after children figure is something I won't cry about. I know, I think about weird things.

Good luck guys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quarter of the way there

I weighed myself on Monday and I am happy to report I am now 200.8lbs! This means 25lbs off my frame. I am finally beginning to see some changes when I look in the mirror and I'm excited.

I just moved countries so blogging will not be as frequent but the weight loss should speed up because there is not as much junk food and processed food here. I am excited to be almost under 200 and hopefully I'll be in onderland next week!

I owe you all a picture and can I mention how AMAZING it is to begin to fit into my old clothes. Another 7lbs or so and I should be back in my 12's!

Keep going everyone. Slow and steady will win this race!