Sunday, June 13, 2010

Success, temptation and motivation.

Still at 2/15 in terms of exercise. I'm going to step that up this week.

I almost had another moment where I accidentally had a drink. I went out to dinner with a friend and the waitress came over to ask what we wanted. I asked for a Shirley Temple and when she was almost halfway across the room, I yelled for her to come back. "I'm sorry, can i just have a water?". She must have thought I was crazy but I felt proud. This experiment is really showing me how much I might inadvertently take in calories.

My eating has not been so great though. I'm not looking forward to tomorrows weigh-in as I'm sure there will be a gain.

I recently got an ipod touch and just downloaded two apps I'm excited to try out.  One is the Jillian Michaels app and the other is called Lose it! They are both free. I'm not really sure what the Jillian Michaels one does but the Lose it! app is a calorie tracker.

I've found counting calories to be great for losing weight so hopefully since i carry my ipod around, this will help. I'll update as I go along.

Will report back tomorrow

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