Saturday, July 7, 2012


It's sad the number of bloggers who make posts declaring "THIS IS IT". Sigh, I won't do  that now but I am ready to make serious progress. I dipped under 190 for a brief second but I'm back at my new "comfy" weight - 193-195.

I have a wedding in roughly 7 weeks and I want to weigh 175 (plus fit into my bm dress). I weighed 193.4 this morning so that means losing 18.4 lbs in 57 days. I started out at 196.4 on July 1st so I've lost 3lbs so far....

I'm going to call this 21.4 in 63 days.... Hmm maybe 22 in 2 (months) is catchier :) Will create a progress bar on the side to track.

I will post some pictures of the dress in a new post. The only good think is I am still in size 12s (although some of the smaller cut ones are a bit small).

So many of my friends are getting married and having babies... I want to be uber-sexy at least once before i get to that stage dammit!

Anyway, if anyone is still reading, I will try to be more frequent!

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