Sunday, April 1, 2012

Golds Gym Membership

I finally joined a gym.

Golds gym to be precise. My building has a gym but it's pretty small and there have been a couple of times I've tried to work out and been faced with a line for the cardio equipment (summer is coming) and i ended up just no working out. So i bit the bullet and joined golds across the street. I can walk to it so it's convenient. Best of all, the gym class schedule is AMAZING. I'm not as happy about their plans though.

I had to pay an $80 enrollment fee and it's 40 bucks every 4 weeks (which is NOT the same as $40 bucks a week which they advertise *grrr*). The $80 bucks is because I wanted to be month to month. These gyms really scalp you though. They said I had to pay for the last month up front. Then the guy says to cancel, you have to let them know a month in advance. Then you get the last month free. I was like, "so you have to cancel two months in advance." He was like, no just a month. I was like "so if i cancelled march 31st...?" He was like "then April would be the last month they bill you, and you'd get June free."

I swear, these people are just crooks. How is the last month free? I paid for it already! And if I have to cancel in March for my membership to be over at the end of June, that's 2 months not 1! SMH

O well, it's precisely for these reasons I didn't want to be in a contract. Gyms are so unscrupulous. There is probably a market out there for someone to start a no-frills gym.

Bodypump at 6am tomorrow. I'm excited!

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