Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bikram - It IS mostly water

Most of you know I was close to 190 last week. I did about 3 or 4 days of bikram yoga and a couple days of zumba. I was also too tired to eat much. Aaaanyway, I went away for the weekend, and ate a little more than usual (i knew this was going to happen so I tried to be under my calories for the week). Ended up about 600 over for the week and weighed in on Tuesday at 193.6.

So, a 1 pound loss. Which shows me that most of the weight I lost was water from Bikram.


I am happy!! The bridesmaid dress still fits (didnt imagine the inches lost) AND my period came the day after weigh-in so I'm pretty sure there was some retention going on.

Anyway, today I went to the mall to try some size 10 dresses as motivation (since my BM dress can no longer serve that purpose) and some of them fit! Clearly I've lost some inches - yaay. I am sticking to my exercise regime. I have only missed 2 workouts so far (and I have multiple scheduled a day so I'm not too bothered about it) AND I also completed day 2 of couch25K.

Bikram is over after today (living social deal expires) and it is way too expensive for me to keep going. So unless another deal comes up in a different studio, it's just couch25K, Zumba and Body pump for me.

Remember, hard work is not EASY. We all know that but yet we don't.

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