Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is not the ability to make plans and draw up schedules and do it when convenient. It is the ability to do it when you REALLY don't feel like it. I am working on this as it is not a strength of mine.

Currently don't feel like going to bikram as I am slightly naseous and just not in the mood. But just talked myself into going because,

1. I have done 3 days straight, I'd like to do all 4.
2. I will be glad I did 2morow
3. I made a plan I want to stick to
4. Fit people and celebs are not in good hsape because they do it when they have time or in the mood. They have nice bodies because they put in work and work is not always fun.
5. I was 190.4 this morning.. it would be great to be under 190 by monday.
6. I am going away this weekend and it will be full of food and no exercise (planned that way) so I might as well get my exercise in now.

Okay, those are 6 great reasons. I will stop typing and head to class.

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