Saturday, March 31, 2012

Embrace the Hunger

So these past few days have not been too good. I've let the stress of long hours working at a job I don't care that much for get to me and I stopped tracking and started eating even when I wasn't hungry.

Haven't stepped on the scale so don't know how bad the damage is but looking in the mirror I can see a difference. I can't keep saying I want something and then not put in the work. That's not how life works.

So much like my finances are on a tight leash, I have to put my weight on a tight leash. My twenties are on their last legs. I was blessed with a pretty good overall the least I could do is put in some effort  and keep it.

I bought a nice big planner and i have it posted on my wall (inspired from I used to be fat) and I'm just going to write weekly goals I can focus on. My brain thinks of a million things at once and I am going to try this week to be single minded (I wish I was one of those people that had tunnel vision). I was supposed to be 189 by Monday but I'm pretty sure that's a bust. So as long as I'm not up to 194/195 by Monday, 189 will be my goal for the next week.

All I'm saying is, I'm mentally preparing myself to embrace the hunger I know will come. No pain, no gain. I don't think actresses and athletes find training easy. I  read this one finance blog that was talking about how she saved money because she got used to a couple of things. It's hot in the summer... put on the ac? No. She just got used to sweating and then after a while, her body got used to it and she didn't get hot so easily.

Point is, I'm going to get used to being hungry....and then hopefully my body will get used to it to. Either way, I'm tired of trying to lose weight and I'm just going to do it.

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  1. I'm so right there w/you. Thanks for the encouragement. =)