Saturday, March 3, 2012

Work and Weightloss

For me, those 2 things do not go together well. My job can be uber stressful (in terms of long hours) and when I'm stressed, I snack. Actually, not really. It's just that sitting at a desk for 12+ hours makes you want to take breaks, and the only legitimate break you can take is going to the bathroom or going to the kitchen (because if you decided to surf the web for 5 minutes that WOULD be the time your boss walks by). Thus, I have to be really vigilant about sticking to my calories at work.

I haven't been super great this week. I was good Monday to Wed and Ok on Thursday (went over by 56) but yesterday was bad. The only good thing is I had a 500 calorie deficit from wednesday so  I shouldn't be TOO bad (haven't finished logging yesterday yet). I mentioned my lenten goal was to not eat out and to not go over my calories (i track weekly though). So gotta finish logging yesterday and see how much work I need to put into the gym this morning.


UPDATED TO ADD: just weighed in, I am 190.8. So i have to lose one pound by Monday. I am 780 cals over as of today so right now I'm off to the gym to try and burn about 400 cals before i go to work.

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