Saturday, March 17, 2012

The importance of grocery shopping.

So i dipped below 190 last week and today weighed in squarely at 191.4.

I'm not actually surprised as my eating has been pretty bad this week and my work schedule has not given me the time to work out.

I realized after looking at my loseit food journal what the problem was. So  y'all know that I gave up eating out for lent. I've done pretty well - only one slip-up. The thing is, I have run out of groceries and not gone to stock up. Every morning I tell myself that since I didn't make lunch, that means i'm just going to go without. Doesn't work. I end up filling up on the Dove hot chocolate in the kitchen at work (80 calories), the apple juice from the kitchen (170 cals) and the free chips (210 cals) and sometimes even the chips ahoy (270 cals). The kitchen in my office is the devil i tell you.

I have learned that it makes a huuuuuuuge difference when I prepare my own food because even though I bring snacks, the calorie content is a lot lower. I am going to recommit to eating better. I want to be 185 by the end of this month! I have told myself that once I get to 185 I will buy this dress from express.
The medium fits now and it's a lovely dress but I want to delay gratification a little bit.

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