Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Overcoming Inertia

Inertia  (-nûrsh)
1. Physics The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.

2. Resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change: 

A while back I was reflecting on my current state of affairs. It occurred to me that the force of inertia was holding me back in so many ways. I didn't want to DO anything. Not exercise, not cook, not go out. Nothing.

I felt like I was stuck and that was certainly not helping me in my quest to lose a 100 pounds by my next birthday.

I'm happy to report that that is no longer the case. Thanks in great part to a boot camp class that I joined, I feel alive again. I think I mentioned that the class is called deranged. It's about one hour of absolute madness and I think I am addicted. I have gone every single day except sunday (no classes) which means I've worked out 6 days of the last week. I even stay for the 30 min ab class they have 3 days a week.

For me, watching the instructors is inspiring. They are extra extra fit and strong. Seeing them do the exercises ten levels higher than me and not get winded is motivation for me. They are just regular people who do this on the side. Not olympic athletes or bodybuilders who devote their life to being fit. If I could be just half as fit as they are, I would be happy. Hell, if I could run for two minutes without being winded I would be happy.

Anyway, the side effect of working out is that I make healthier food choices. The funny thing is that I ALREADY knew this about myself but for some reason it wasn't enough to make me start. I've gone out to eat with people here (red lobster) and I was semi-grossed out by some things (eww butter, cream). I just had mental images of the cream in my arteries.  I don't eat when I'm full and I like this way of being.

Its easier for me when I don't WANT the unhealthy stuff. I think about food more in terms of what it is providing my body. This doesn't mean I don't eat processed food. I still do but not the way I used to before. I can actually just have a little bit of something and be okay. I bought a bag of animal crackers a little over a week ago and there is still something in the bag. I have just a little at a time. Before, I could easily polish the whole bag in one or two sittings.

The upside of this is that the pants I brought with me that couldn't zip up, CAN now. Its still tight but its only been six days. I'm super glad I didn't bring my scale but I can't wait to get back and weigh in. I think 15lbs might have been too ambitious as I'm probably building a lot of muscle. At this point I think I would be happy with about 7lbs. I'll post the before and after pics of the pants at the end.

The point of this whole post is to let you guys know that sometimes you just have to DO
SOMETHING. Just start and sometimes that is enough to get the ball rolling.

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