Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is this real?


I am so excited today. I have been faithfully going to bootcamp 6 days a week for the past two weeks. Sometimes, I give it my all and sometimes I've only given 20%. No matter how I felt though, I had decided to go everyday.

It's been tough. Some days my muscles hurt and I just wanted to sleep. This workout is high intensity guys. It's pretty much a version of the insanity dvds.

I mentioned that I didn't bring my scale with me. Well, I still wanted to be able to judge my progress, so I brought a pair of pants (14) that were just a tad to small for me. I could get them on but I couldn't close them. I took a picture.

Last week, I told you that I could zip it up but it was still really tight and had little rolls over the top. Well, this morning, on a whim, I tried them on and THEY FIT! Perfectly. Like no hassle or squeezing or anything. I actually took them off to look at the label and make sure I was trying the correct pair.

I almost shed a tear. Just know, it's possible guys. It's been about 2 weeks and I've gone down a size (it's probably more like a 1/2 size). I haven't been eating anything far fetched. I've gone out to eat at places like red lobster (although not that often) and chipotle and still made progress. I've gone over my calorie limit everyday and still made progress

Speaking of which. I want to know if 1500 is adequate for someone my size that exercises. If I have any 200+lbs  readers, could you share around how many calories you take in a week if you know. I'm beginning to think that 1500 might be too low.

Anyway, I'm really happy. Can't wait till next week when I can put before and after photos as well as post my new weight.

I'm being practical and I know I might only have lost like 5lbs because of the strength I've built up (hello pushups and 10million squats) but at least I have the fact that something that didn't fit before now fits as motivation!

P.S I went to Ann Taylor loft and fit a large skirt (I had sized out of regular stores) and a M workout pant from wal-mart. I really want to go to stores I regularly shop at to see if I've truly gone down a size.

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  1. Hey there! After losing 60 pounds so far this year, I weigh 303. I eat between 1800 and 2000 calories a day and I have been losing about 2 pounds a week. Congrats on the weight loss!