Monday, July 12, 2010

No, it is NOT brave/courageous, it's STUPID and Dangerous!

Warning: Major Rant ahead.

I was watching dance your ass off on Bravotv. It's basically a show that's a mixture of dancing with the stars and biggest loser. Fat people trying to lose weight through dancing.

I watch every reality show related to weight loss.

Anyway, one of the biggest contestants, Briana tore her ACL (it might have been some other one not positive) during dress rehearsal. Backing up a minute, even though she's the biggest girl, Briana is usually the most energetic and she has consistently amazed me with what she is able to do with her body (effectively killing my idea that I'm to big to do some dance moves).

They basically ask her if she still wants to perform (otherwise she gets eliminated) and she says YES!! What?? I'm still reeling from the decision and then the performance starts. The choreographers had modified the dance to place less stress on her leg but she's still trying to go full out and FALLS! You can see the pain in her face and she almost gave up but she kept going till the end (she definitely toned down the energy).

My point is that I don't think that's something to envy or admire. I think it's stupid. Yes, olympic perfomers have performed on a broken leg. Those people have trained for that event most their lives and maybe they feel more invested. Even then, I don't think I would do that. This is not the olympics at any rate and WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE? That you can hurt yourself further by dancing on an injured foot? I think it's one thing if you were dancing with a sprained foot or something not so serious.

People, we need to take care of our bodies. This includes not pushing it past healthy limits! I don't know why this bothered me so much but I think it's because I see that message being spread in the media so often. Even the biggest loser where they have made totally unfit/too heavy people do things i don't think they are ready for. To me, it's not admirable and it's not about courage, it's Dangerous!

Okay, rant over. No more exclamation marks.

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  1. Yes! we need to listen to our bodies and take care of ourselves.

    and thanks for the sweet comment on my before and after pics :) (I do have a bit of flab though...but since I dont take my top off on my blog you cant see it :)