Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monday Weigh-In

On Saturday.

I was up 2 lbs on Monday (221). I wasn't too upset because I expected it. My period did indeed come and I went to a weekend long cookout.  I learnt how much more you eat when you don't have an actual meal and just eat as things come along.

Ooh, someone brought potato salad? Let me try that. Chicken fresh of the grill? I'll have a piece. Your girlfriend just baked some brownies? and she's serving it with ice cream? Okay, just give me a little.

I am proud of myself for still tracking it all. Usually, that's the point I go into denial and pretend like if I don't track it, it didn't happen.

Foodwise, I haven't been too bad this week but if not for the 20 min walk each day to work I'd have had no exercise!

Some big goals coming up for the next 3 weeks but I'll post about them later on this weekend.

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  1. Having to walk to work is good exercise, I think...because there's no getting out of it! So at least you got some exercise in. And good job on the tracking, I find that's really important for me, it keeps continuity if I keep on recording what I eat -- especially when I eat more than I'd like. Good luck this week :)