Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Numbers Game - Statistics edition

I updated my sidebars with a whole bunch of statistics. Talk about an eye-opener.  I'll preface this by saying, I am very happy to have lost 20lbs. That is 1/5th  of my journey. However, an average of 3.1lbs a MONTH is just a leeeeetle ridiculous. I mean, I want to lose slowly but I'm going to have to step it up if I want to meet my goal.  At this rate it'll take me 32 months to lose 100lbs. I'm not on that kind of plan.

I think I just need to step up my physical activity and build more muscle. I also should spend a little longer at the gym. To be honest, the weight I've lost so far has been more from refraining from very bad junk than eating healthy. I don't know if I make sense but it's like, I've stopped going to a lot of fast food places for lunch and I don't buy as much snack food. I haven't really improved what I've eaten by THAT much and I only marginally increased exercise.

Anyway, I'm glad I did this. I think I was patting myself on the back a little too much. I love loseit! because I was able to log in and get a 6 month summary of my weigh-ins and export to excel.

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