Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quarter of the way there

I weighed myself on Monday and I am happy to report I am now 200.8lbs! This means 25lbs off my frame. I am finally beginning to see some changes when I look in the mirror and I'm excited.

I just moved countries so blogging will not be as frequent but the weight loss should speed up because there is not as much junk food and processed food here. I am excited to be almost under 200 and hopefully I'll be in onderland next week!

I owe you all a picture and can I mention how AMAZING it is to begin to fit into my old clothes. Another 7lbs or so and I should be back in my 12's!

Keep going everyone. Slow and steady will win this race!

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  1. Hey there - just wanted to say congratulations - you're doing a great job :-)